We design, engineer, manufacture, install and commission air pollution control equipments and systems for all kinds of industries. We are fully equipped and experienced to undertake and execute turnkey requirements for air pollution control equipments. We also assist with retrofits, replacement spares and offer consultancy for the best suited design, specifications and sizing required for best suited performance and investment.

Air Pollution control Equipment/s

We understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, so we pay attention to what you say. That way we can provide comprehensive, customized advice and work with your input to engineer an effective solution. When you choose us as your partners, you get much more than an ordinary filtration and extraction systems.


Do you wish to control the emission of dust particles or reduce the level of air pollution in your plant? Are you on the lookout for quality, correctly manufactured spares? Procuring spares can be a very informed decision. Keeping the right spares handy will benefit your plant in these 6 ways- Find out how…

Sand machines

The wear cost of our machine is comparatively very less. This makes our machine stand out in performance and payback, both. The overall design of our machine is very special and can be accompanied by dust separating system.

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