Quality Systems

Quality systems and procedures are an inherent part of our Organisation.

We have we-thought QAPs for every stage of our design, development and manufacturing processes to ensure our Quality Management Systems are in place.

This makes us confident of the products and services we offer as well as addressing our Customer requirements in toto.

Quality Policy

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd. will go on improving the quality of products and services by continuously upgrading manufacturing technology and the knowledge and skills of people at all levels and ensure supply of best Air Pollution Control products at affordable prices and for customer requirements and forge a partnership with customers to solving their air pollution related problems.

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd shall achieve the above with dedicated efforts by management and all the team members in strict implementation of quality management systems of the Organisation. This way there shall be minimal non-conformities, rejects and quality issues at any stage of the process and execution

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