1. Engineering Consultancy

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd offers you services and expertise to solve your toughest technical challenges. With our process abatement expertise, we are able to deliver tangible, cost-effective and value-added air pollution control solutions that are aligned to your business’s environmental needs. With our process knowledge we adopt a holistic approach to air pollution control we help ensure that your processes are optimised so as to help in minimising pollution at the source.

If your operations have the potential to impact the environment, we can support you to reduce or eliminate the risk. We help manage all aspects of environmental assessment, right from air quality check to providing site specific


2. Design & Engineering Services

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltdoffers you Design & Engineering services with expert and experienced engineers working continuously to improve processes, products and tailor made solutions and services in various industrial sectors. Extensive service knowledge gives us the privilege to understand needs of our Customers thoroughly. Our mechanical and electrical engineering design team has a well-earned reputation for excellence, and  believe in proposing smart new solutions based on energy and cost reduction, process improvement and efficiency and emission reduction to name a few.

We have the knowledge, experience and technology to offer the best tailored solutions of engineering and design available in the market to satisfy our customers.We implement the entire range of project engineering from conceptual and detailed design to construction and start-up engineering:

  • Layout studies
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Piping engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Engineering drawings- GADs, P&IDs, DBRs, as well as QAPs etc.

3. Erection & Commissioning

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd provides efficient services for erection, site assembly and commissioning for air pollution control equipment of all OEMs. Our experience and know-how and references prove our capabilities to covers all the aspects and phases of supervision of site assemblies and erection to conduction of no-load trials and final commissioning with FAT (final acceptance tests).
We routinely take up assignments for various OEMs as well as end users and extend our expert services and meet the site erection schedule and meet deadlines. Our site-experts and team are proficient at managing every aspect of your project. We pay constant attention to the customer relationship ensuring your installation is completed on time and within your budget.

Erecion & commissioning_2

4. Trouble shooting

One of the USPs of Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltdis undertaking engineering troubleshooting and deriving and designing repair and modification solutions for equipment or process related performance issues.

Our practical, techno-savvy and cost effective solutions are based on precise failure analysis and engineering the best suited solution with minimal modification to the equipment and layout. Our resolutions keep you compliant with the pollution control norms and regulations. Our solutions also ensure optimised equipment performance, prevent unwanted outages and control your costs at the same time.

5. Performance Enhancement

Most old plants undergo process augmentation during plant capacity enhancement. However the allied air pollution control equipment does not get enough attention and often gets over loaded and the performance or productivity output related problems begin. The old duct routing fails, the Fan capacity falls short, the pressure drop shoots or there is frequent filter bag failure or the ESP capacities may fall short resulting in high outlet emissions.

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd can contribute with technical solutions that evaluate the process requirement and check the efficacy of the existing installed equipment. We suggest smart engineering solutions that will not just upgrade or retrofit your existing equipment but help it to cope with the existing requirement of dust handling and drastic reduction of emission well below the required levels.

Services Audits & Inspections

6. Equipment Audit & Inspection Services

As equipments that come last in line, after the entire line of process equipment/s air pollution control equipment are actually the most neglected areas of any dust generating plant. They instantly attract the highest concern when an emission problem crops up, and then become the centre of attraction. The end-users panic and wonder what emergency solution should be implemented once the equipment begins to misbehave.

It is hence prudent to have your pollution control equipment technically audited on a regular basis, to catch the concern area before it blows out of proportion and causes a financial dent. Regular checks and audits help in good mantainence and improving the overall performance of the equipment. With extensive experience with designs and operation of all OEMs in the market today, Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd. helps you to diagnose the exact problem, reasons for the same to avoid in the future as well as recommends corrective action to address and rectify the fault. A comprehensive Report is submitted which can be also befurnished to the Pollution Control Authorities to explain the steps your plant is taking to rectify the equipment.

7. Trainings

Gulmohar Fil-tech Pvt. Ltd offers complete industrial training for the personnel at plant level with a special emphasis on the theory, operation and principles, design considerations and engineering concepts of operation of various air pollution equipment/s, good mantainence practices, safety systems, measurements and monitoring, preventive mantainence and troubleshooting etc.

The Trainings are designed to upgrade the knowledge, equip and influence your personnel to help reduce risk, losses, and accidents or illnesses, comply with legislations, improve the performance of man and machine and consequently save money.

Our trainings delivered by experienced environmental and health and safety consultants, enhance learning and cover a wide range of modules and are interactive sessions that comprise of practical examples, open discussions on case studies as well as academic discussions. 


Sevices Trainings

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